WANTED: Fitness Coach for Fast Growing Business

If You Have Enthusiasm, A Positive Attitude And A Good Fitness Knowledge, I Have A Fun And Fulfilling Coaching Position Just For You!!

Dear Prospective trainer & Coach

First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit this page.

It's my hope that you have precisely what I need in a fitness trainer so I can take this page down immediately and put you to work in the fun and rewarding coaching position I have available.


About Me

Leon Beeloo

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

I'm Leon, I've been certified through NASM for over 10-years and own & operate a small hybrid training facility.

I have a huge passion for helping YOU achieve your health and fitness goals.


Requirements For The Coaching Position

Tasks You’ll Be Expected To Perform

Deliver group fitness classes. Being able to control a room full of people in a group fitness format. Having the confidence to teach metabolic & strength movements in circuit style classes.

Small Group Personal Training. Taking a small group of motivated individuals through Personal Training Sessions, monitoring form, managing progressive overload & progressions.

Tracking client progress. To ensure a client's success, you'll need to track weekly progress, current successes and challenges, review client nutrition and exercise log worksheets, and more on a weekly basis. It will be your job to communicate with clients and hold a client accountable to his/her health and fitness program to ensure the best results possible.

Perform fitness Assessments. Ideally, you'll have some fitness assessment skills and can walk a client through basic movement patterns to assess weakness and/or disfunction. You do not need previous experience, but if you do, that's a bonus.

Coach clients through plans. You'll be responsible for sessions and keeping weekly progress reports on the clients you’re working with. If a client is having challenges throughout his/her program, you'll coach and motivate them, and make appropriate changes to ensure consistent progress.

Demonstrate proper exercise instruction. This is a big one. We need you to be able to provide proper coaching, instruction, and motivation during a client training session. You should have a working knowledge of the human body (i.e. muscles, movements, functions, etc.), and be able to provide appropriate exercises for client’s goals.

Provide ongoing health and fitness education. Our clients rely on us to service all of their health and fitness needs. It is your job as a fitness coach to provide your clients with health and fitness education on various topics that empower them to lead healthy lives forever. You'll be provided with educational tools and resources, be expected to study them, and speak about them with your clients. We also spend time covering this in our weekly staff meetings.

Other Gym Instructor Duties.

Required Skills

Good Communication Skills - You will be talking with our members, who are VERY important to us. You must be comfortable conversing in-person and on the phone and know how to conduct yourself professionally, and deliver clear instructions to the clients. We will teach you everything you need to do during a training session, but I can't teach you manners and professionalism.

People skills and personality - You must LOVE working with people! As mentioned above you must be very comfortable working with people. This is an exciting facility and you must be able to show your clients energy and excitement while working with them.

Health and Fitness Education - You do not need years of personal training experience, but you should have a working knowledge of health and fitness.


Bonus Skills

Previous personal training and/or group training experience (fitness studio, health club, in-home trainer, etc.)

Basic nutrition knowledge

Please Note: This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. Performance is everything to us. If you perform, you will be rewarded. We want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and taking care of our clients.

The successful applicant will be expected to work a specific number of hours and training sessions this is a position at one of the most established and sought after hybrid training facilities in Rockland that would suit someone new or with previous experience in the industry.

With all that said, as we mentioned in the headline on this page, enthusiasm and a positive attitude go a long way in our book. We are a very positive, upbeat team and appreciate those qualities in others. As long as you have the basic skills we mentioned, and a great attitude, you're definitely a candidate! So submit your information today!

We are looking to hire the right person to hire relatively quickly. So if this job sounds good to you, then click the button below, complete the web form and we'll contact you by phone.

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