When you’re tired of feeling tired

Jun 3, 2022

 by Leon Beeloo

I was talking to a client this week who was super excited about a diet concept that one of her friends was doing. Apparently her friend is getting really good results following this "plan" and really sticking to it. Which is always cool to see.

The details of the plan were not all that exciting to me, in part because well she didn't have any real details, she only the excitement shared by her friend.

Anyway, what intrigued was how this excitement transferred over to her even in the absence of the details and facts.  

Have you ever been there yourself?  Stuck with an idea or concept that promised amazing results ... So compelling that it sparked you to set a new goal for yourself that you were REALLY excited about.

Maybe it was inspired by a friends urging like my client above or because of what you saw on the scale after the last big holiday weekend. 

It is always cool when we are so wowed by someone else's transformation (and sometimes gut punched by our own inaction) that we get inspired to take action...

... to clean up our eating

... to start exercising 

... or even to make some BIG CHANGES when it comes to self-care.

And then you go at it … HARD!

And things are going great.

But then something unexpected pops on your schedule …. or you eat a little “off your plan” … or you skip a workout ….And that one miss turns into another, and another, and another.

And before you know it, you’re completely off track and upset at yourself.

A few weeks or months (or even years) go by, until the next time you find yourself back on that very same rollercoaster ride.

It can be a really painful and frustrating cycle to get stuck in.

But, I do have some really good news.

It makes perfect sense that you kept falling off track ... because it’s almost impossible for ANYONE to keep up that level of intensity and still live a normal life!

Don’t get me wrong: Having a new inspired goal is FANTASTIC … and healthy!

BUT it’s even BETTER to find a way to work on your goals that won’t drain as much time and energy from your everyday life.

In a way that sets you up for success, rather than sure failure.

And more importantly one that you can consistently follow AND that you can stick with long-term.

PLUS, there’s a bonus: when you find a happy middle ground, you won’t find yourself on that confidence-sucking rollercoaster ride anymore.

That’s because you’ll actually be able to maintain all the results you’ve earned. (YES!!)

Finding this sustainable middle ground is key to your success … and something we actively work on with our clients. It IS possible to achieve amazing results without disrupting your entire routine, and it’s what we specialize in.


"I am so excited and so thankful for your support. Being with Kim, Megan and Leon makes the world of a difference for me. Just thought you should know that what you do means the world to others." Angela F. Halifax


So before you invest a ton of money on expensive, overly processed "diet" foods that may generate some short term results for you, consider if that is just another ride on the same old rollercoaster or a plan you can stick with long-term

If a long-term and sustainable program is what you want, then I encourage you to break the pattern and engage in our 8-Week Shape Up coaching & training program that will teach you how to eat real, whole healthy food. We designed the program for the busiest of people just like you who are motivated for major results that don't take a ton of time AND that last a lifetime!


Committed to your health,

~ Coach Leon


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