What to eat and what to do between workouts to get faster result

Jul 11, 2022

 by Leon Beeloo

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what to eat and what to do between workouts to get faster results, you’re not alone!

It might sound crazy, but our muscles repair, grow, and get stronger AFTER your workout … 

… so you have to give your body the right amount of time, fuel, and hydration to support all of that growth and repair! 

That’s why today, I want to give you my FREE Ultimate Post-Workout & Recovery Guide.

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What you’ll learn is that what you do AFTER your workout plays a big role in:

  • Fat loss & muscle building
  • Post-workout soreness
  • Energy levels
  • Preventing injury
  • General health & wellness

This guide covers all the basics in a simple, easy-to-follow format that you can put into action today … 

PLUS, it gets into some of the “extras” and lifestyle habits that will support your fitness performance and recovery.

At Be Fit South Shore Boot Camp & Training, our #1 priority is to help busy moms & dads live each and every day to its fullest so you feel Beautiful, Energized, Fierce, Inspired and Thriving.

Make sure you grab your copy of this guide ASAP because I can only make it available for a limited time.

Committed to your success,

~ Coach Leon

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