Resolutions that don’t suck

Jan 1, 2021

 by Leon Beeloo

What was your New Year’s Resolution last year?

Do you remember?

If so, did you stick to it?

Did COVID get in the way of sticking to it?

Did you give up even before that?

Most people who make resolutions give up on them by February, but it’s not because resolutions are dumb; it’s usually because the resolutions made are unrealistic.

The problem is that people tend to over-commit when they’re highly motivated and set unrealistic expectations for themselves based on their feelings rather than their reality.

Maybe working out for an hour every day sounds doable at the beginning of the year when you’re motivated, but how realistic is that when life gets busy and you’re not feeling motivated?

When you make a lofty resolution that you can’t sustain when you’re unmotivated, you end up feeling like a failure when you can’t keep up with it then you give up entirely.

Here’s how to create a resolution that doesn’t suck:

  1. What’s your goal?
    (Lose weight, feel more energized, get stronger, etc.)

  2. What must you do to get there?
    (Eat fewer calories than you burn, eat more vegetables, lift heavier weights, etc.)

  3. What’s one small step you can take daily?
    (Eat off smaller plates, eat one vegetable with lunch and dinner, grab a heavier weight each week, etc.)

The key is to make a tiny commitment that you can be consistent with.

It’s not going to sound very exciting, and when someone asks you what your resolution is, you might feel a little silly replying with something like “to eat off of a small plate for each meal.”

But a tiny commitment that you can do consistently will yield greater results than a huge commitment that you can keep for a month.

Try a tiny resolution this year instead of a big one and see how much longer you can keep it.

If you need help creating a tiny resolution, talk to your coach!