It's Not Always Weight!

Jul 1, 2021

 by Leon Beeloo

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When the scale doesn’t change....

A reality check and reminder checklist for when the scales isn't changing the way you want.

For many individuals, the scale provides them with the only feedback about how they are doing in terms of fitness and weight loss. They benchmark their entire progress on this single metric, which means that momentum, adherence and further progress all hinges on it.

I don't want this to be you!

 What Influences Weight Change?

One of the most effective ways to reduce the fear or apprehension toward weight change is to highlight the factors, outside of actual fat loss/gain that can influence it.



Water Retention.

This is definitely one of the main culprits. Often, individuals will weigh themselves on Monday morning after a busy and indulgent weekend, only to find that they have added 1-2 lbs. of weight. However, if you did not adequately hydrate, consumed a little more sodium than usual, these can lead to the retention of water. This will increase weight, but it is not permanent weight.


If you are following a solid nutrition plan, you have no doubt ramped up your weight training at the same time, right? Well, muscle is denser than
fat tissue and whilst it is more difficult to gain than fat, the change or lack thereof in weight could be due to an increase in lean mass. Think about it! You may have even lost fat, but gained muscle, but the scales is giving you a very distorted image of your progress!

Use Other Progress Markers.  How crazy is it that in the past, individuals would base their self-esteem, potential for future progress, adherence to the current program, and motivation all on one single number?! Let's look at some additional progress markers!

How are You Feeling? 

Energy and fatigue reduction are a common sign that your nutrition is improving.

How do you feel in the morning getting out of bed?

Do you have energy throughout the day? 

How do you feel at work?

How are your fitness levels?

Cardiorespiratory fitness is a very common indicator of an effective nutrition regimen.

Is that 5k run getting easier?

Are you squeezing out a couple more repetitions with the same weight you struggled with last month?

Do you feel more recovered after a day of working out?

How do your clothes fit?

If you do feel that you've lost weight, but the scale isn't reflecting this, this might be due to the reasons mentioned above.

If you have gained muscle, then you'll notice it in the mirror. But if you've had a difficult week and your weight has increased, skip the mirror test, relax and get back on track tomorrow!


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