I'll Let You In On The Big Strength and Mobility Secrets…(works for fat loss to)

Aug 20, 2021

 by Leon Beeloo

As a 51 year old guy, I am certainly feeling some of the strain of the miles.

What it looks like for me is general joint pain, especially in my back and knees.  What does it look like for you?

Maybe you struggle to straighten or bend one or more of your joints?

And if so that typically means minor physical activity causes you discomfort and pain, too?

Well, do you also experience increased fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and anxiety?

Here’s why: One cause is because your joints lack mobility, so your muscles are stiff with low flexibility.  Tight joints and muscles can compromise your range of motion, overwork the wrong parts of the body, and expose you to injury. 

You could enhance your mobility and flexibility by doing some regular and systematic movement patterns like my Friend Ruston Webb and I put together with the Be Fit 28-Day Mobility Challenge

Do you want to .... 

♥ Move better and with less aches and pains?

♥ Feel Better, especially upon waking up?

♥ Minimize or in some cases eliminate pain? 

♥ Improve your overall health and well-being

Exercise is the only tool to gain mobility and improve your movement.

But, like most people, your current methods and knowledge could be sabotaging your efforts. Maybe you read blogs, journal articles, books and watch tons of YouTube videos. Some of these things have led you in the completely the wrong direction. Some of the information is flat out WRONG or outdated. And some of it has made you put way too much focus on things that have made a miniscule amount of difference.

With Ruston and my Be Fit 28-Day Mobility Challenge, we’ll get you back on the right track and will only take a few minutes of time each day.  

Stay tuned to the blog, I will outline the best ways to deploy exercises to move better, get out of pain, relieve stress, and improve joint range of motion.

Committed to your health and wellness,
~ Coach Leon