Day 10 - 21-Day Upper Body Strength Challenge

Mar 10, 2023

 by Leon Beeloo

Happy Wednesday!  And happy SHOULDER day - YEAY!!  You may have figured this out by now - shoulder day IS MY FAVE!!

So important to have strong, stable shoulders - for just about every movement!  And they look so good :)  Let’s work ‘em …

Today’s workout:

  • 12 Shoulder Press
  • 12 Lateral Raise

3 sets of 12 reps each

We worked on the shoulder press last week (Day 3) - and you can check back in on it in the video. 

Let’s talk today about the Lateral Raise:

  • Just like how we worked on the flies the past few days - the lateral raise is going to be a lighter weight.  TIP: Anytime you lift weights so far from the body (Like in flies and these raises) you want to go lighter.
  • Keep those ‘barbie doll’ arms  - so elbows are slightly bent
  • In today’s move, we are standing up right.  That’s the difference between the fly and the raise
  • Focus on pressing your shoulders down the whole time - and really resisting the movement - especially on the way back down.  Feel like you're lowering the weights into wet cement to fire up those shoulders!

When you’re done your 3 sets - comment below and let me know if you are loving shoulder day as much as I do?!

You know the deal as we’re just about ½ way through this challenge.  

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