Day 09 - 21-Day Upper Body Strength Challenge

Mar 9, 2023

 by Leon Beeloo

Chest Day is here. 

That’s got a fun ring to it, hey?  Chest Tuesday! 

Yesterday we learned the BACK FLY - today we’re going to do the same ‘fly’ movement - but for the front.

Today’s workout:

  • Chest Presses
  • Chest Flies

3 sets of 12 each

  • Holding lighter weights than you would use in a chest press - lying on your back - positioning the weights over the chest, palms in towards each other
  • Just like the back flies - your elbows should be slightly bent through this whole move.  Again - think barbie doll arms.
  • Open your arms wide - and just before your elbows touch the ground, you squeeze back up again.


Watch the video for the demo - then go rock it out - 3 sets of 12 each.

What weights are you using for the different moves? 

No judgment - we’re all coming at this challenge from a different place, at different fitness levels and with different goals.  

I’m just curious.  Comment below …


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