Day 06 - 21-Day Upper Body Strength Challenge

Mar 7, 2023

 by Leon Beeloo

We can’t do an UPPER strength challenge and not have a CORE day?! 

Working your core is super important, so we wanted to throw it into this challenge too.

Let’s talk about the importance of having a strong core.  Here are just a few things a strong core helps with: 

  • Posture
  • balance
  • stability
  • protecting your organs
  • reducing (or evening eliminating) back & hip pain
  • just basically makes every single move your body makes easier.

So yes - I wanted to give us a day in this challenge to focus on core strength.

Today’s exercise is RUSSIAN TWISTS

3 sets of 10 reps


~ In your Russian Twists - keep your chin tucked in, roll back on your tail bone (ensure you’re on a soft surface) and keep pressing your belly button into your spine.  Kind of like someone punched you in the stomach. 

~ Ensure you’re breathing through the move

~ Rotate through as much as you can - working to bring your shoulders to the center line and reach the weight back as much as you can.


And just like that - you’re done with this week’s workouts!  Tomorrow is REST day :)


We want to see a selfie today!! Show us your excitement for finishing week ONE when you’re done with your twists!  We want to celebrate you and your awesomeness for being here!

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