Day 03 - 21-Day Upper Body Strength Challenge

Mar 4, 2023

 by Leon Beeloo

Day 3 - building consistency showing up each day and rocking out your UPPER STRENGTH exercises!  So proud of you for showing up and putting in the effort :)


We’ve done back, then chest.  Today we move up to SHOULDERS!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE working shoulders!!  YES - I love the look of strong shoulders in tank tops, but it’s way more important than that …


The shoulder is the most moveable and unstable joint in the body. The "ball" in the upper arm is actually larger than the socket that holds it, and with the range of motion being so great, shoulder injuries are super common.


To remain stable, it has to be kept in place by muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  Having strong and flexible shoulders is super important so they can handle daily stress.


Here are a few daily activities that use the shoulders … lifting groceries, any type of manual labor, household chores, raking leaves, handling children, etc. Yes - having strong shoulders is super important to moving through daily activities safely, efficiently, and pain-free.


Today’s SHOULDER workout:


3 sets of 10 reps

Watch the video to see the HOW TO ..

KEY points:

  • Be sure to stand strong and tall through the body - no leaning forward or back.
  • At the bottom, the elbows should come in line with the armpits. 
  • Then press up, so the wrists line up with shoulders. 
  • As you lower the weights, think of resisting and having your elbows press down on wet cement.  No dropping!


Comment below when you’re done … We want to shout you out for getting your shoulder workout done :)

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