80% is better than 100% - Fat Loss Science

Dec 27, 2020

 by Leon Beeloo

I’d rather you eat 80% healthy than 100%.


Because at 80%, you can enjoy your life.

You can eat delicious foods, be present at social gatherings, and think about other things besides what you can and cannot eat.

Eating 100% healthy requires a level of sacrifice that isn’t realistic, sustainable, or necessary for most people.

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with, and if you did manage to do it, you’d likely be miserable.

If you live at 80% all the time, you’ll get better results than if you lived at 100% for small bouts of time, so why try to hold yourself to an unrealistic standard of perfection if it’s not required for results?

I often hear people talk about how they got great results from cutting out carbs or never eating dessert, and I never understand why you would do that when you could achieve the same results just by enjoying those things in moderation and being consistent.

Usually, the people who achieve results by eliminating foods and adopting strict rules are the ones who end up gaining weight back and getting stuck in a yo-yo diet cycle because their methods to get the results were unsustainable for their lifestyle.

So instead of constantly holding yourself against an unrealistic standard of perfection, focus on what’s doable and sustainable for the long term.

I promise you’ll get the same results, AND you’ll be able to maintain them longer.