3 simple eating habits for fat loss

Jun 13, 2022

 by Leon Beeloo

The number one thing is consistency. If you consistently eat out, binge watch shows, snack mindlessly, you will have a larger waistline than you probably care to have. Consistency is also the driver for trimming your waistline and achieving a stronger, ache free and more energized body.

If that is your goal, then let's focus in on 3 habit that you should focus on and be consistent in doing them day in and day out. 

Now as a personal trainer part of me wishes to tell you that if you just workout all the time, then you can eat whatever the hell you want. Truth is of course that 80% of your fat loss results (or lack of results) is due to your diet and nutrition habits. 

Want to go from just surviving to THRIVING then get these put in place ASAP

Thriving Habit #1: Eat More Wholesome Calories

You can't stop eating or put yourself into a significant deficit to achieve results. This approach, sometimes referred to as a starvation diet, does not work.

Want more energy in your life.... eat more wholesome calories. There is a huge benefit to eating the right amount of wholesome calories, spread out throughout the day. When you do it right your metabolism kicks in to high gear helping you burn more calories (and fat) throughout the day. Of course these must be calories from food sources that serve your body... Avoid the Junk.

Want less energy and slow down your metabolism? Restrict your calories. Yup, this is proven to slow your metabolism down significantly and your likelyhood of rebounding with overeating goes up significantly. 


Thriving Habit #2: Eat More Protein

Quality protein serves your body well. Go for quality over quantity first. Here is a cool fact, your body burns more calories digesting protein than it does from carbs or fat...so increasing protein intake is one way to burn more calories during the day (thermic effect of food - TEF). And that quality protein also helps your body build and maintain muscle in your body. Muscle of course being much more metabolically active than fat. More muscle, increases resting metabolism...which as you guess, burns more calories and fat throughout the day.

One other "feature" of protein, when you eat it, you feel full longer which in most cases will help decrease your cravings.


Thriving Habit #3: Don’t Drink Sugar

Ugh... That Dunks Coffee Drink you are stopping off for is likely laced with a ton of sugar. And those sugary liquids add up (and usually end up on our waistlines). 

Other sugary drinks include soda, juice, alcohol. 

Want more energy and Fat Loss??   


Target around 64 ounces.


And of course working out is important, especially strength training. It pairs well with your new found protein habit in the goal of increasing that metabolically active muscle on the body.

As a personal trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach and transformation expert I can help guide you through this process and I would love to be your fitness coach.

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