10 energy vampires you need to get rid of

Jun 24, 2021

 by Leon Beeloo

Do you ever remember a time when you had boundless energy?

For some of us this is but a distant memory, having a lack of energy is one of the most common complaints I here from my clients. 

Truth is it affects a lot of people.

Before the pandemic, the number of people who said they often felt tired was around 43% … and during the pandemic that number shot up to 60%.

Kind of a weird stat, given less commute times an all for so many.

Today, I'd like to share my top 10 list of things you can do to cut out the insidious little energy vampires.  Now you probably won't be able to eliminate all of them, but keep some or most of them "at bay" and you might just find a little more spark in your day to keep you motoring along (or maybe even squeezing in a workout).

There are actually a few day to day things we do, habits we have that mess with our energy systems and give us that slow & loagy feeling.

10 Things Draining Your Energy

Number one on my list, my seem a little counter intuitive (until you make it a habit). Not getting enough exercise, and not moving your body can make you want to move even LESS! You know. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion.... well you get it.  So even though exercise consumes energy, making time for exercise gets your blood pumping, improves your endurance, and boosts your energy. And that is therapy baby.

The second culprit. Eating like crap. I can speak from experience, as I took full advantage of last weekend being father's day. And yes, Confirmed! Eating processed and refined carbs will burn you out and slow you down. Even though these "foods" are packed with sugar energy, the reality is they play havoc on your body and your energy systems thanks to the blood sugar rush … but when your body sends out insulin to remove the sugar, it can make your blood sugar level plummet – leaving you tired and drained.

Number three....Not getting enough quality sleep. I sent an email about sleep a couple of weeks ago, but bottom line: your body needs sleep to fully recover and recharge.

The fourth culprit is also food related, but unlike sugary stuff, this one has to do with food sensitivities. You may not even know you have an issue with certain foods. One side effect of eating foods that your body is sensitive to includes fatigue. If you think that you might have sensitivities, it’s worth checking with your doctor. Common culprits include gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and eggs.

The fifth lil vampire has to do with eating too LITTLE. Food is how we fuel our bodies, it is where we get our nutrition from. So not getting enough fuel (i.e., food) can make you feel tired – and so can eating a poor-quality diet without enough nutrients (shout out to number two whoop).

Similar to the second and fifth energy vamps, you can also be slowing your energy flow down by not getting enough protein. Studies show that eating protein boosts your metabolism, and scientists believe this may help prevent tiredness. Think this may be a thing for you, do your own experiment. Track your protein macros for a week, and associate your energy levels to your protein intake. You might be surprised.

Number 7 is being dehydrated. Yes, drinking too little water messes with your mood and your energy. Studies show that being even a little dehydrated can make it harder to stay focused and leave you feeling drained.

That little pick me up you drink might very well be a reason for low energy. Energy drinks (including coffee) are similar to refined carbs, these can send your energy up before crashing back down. Not only that but caffeine can take up to 8 hours to clear your system, making it harder to get a good night of sleep, adding to the energy drain (see reason #3 above).

Feeling like there is too much to deal with, all the time will rob you of your precious fire.  Number nine on the list is Stress. Feeling constantly stressed can definitely deflate your energy, both mentally and emotionally. Just another reason it’s important to have (and follow!) a plan for managing stress.

My last one on the list is literal Energy Vampires. These are people who are just "blah" down people. If you are in a low energy, negative environment you can basically "catch" the moods of the people around you, but being aware of it can help lower your susceptibility, as can finding things that make you feel positive!

So unless you like being low energy, then I highly suggest you create some new powerful habits for yourself. 

Here it is in a nut shell … move your body … eat healthy whole foods … drink your water … and surround yourself with a positive environment … and your energy should quickly return!

If it doesn’t, it’s worth mentioning to your doctor to see if you have an underlying issue.

At Be Fit South Shore, we believe that your results are all connected – sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, mindset, and more.

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Make it a powerful and full charge kind of day!