1 Week Balance Challenge

Jul 20, 2022

 by Leon Beeloo
Welcome to your Balance Challenge.
Your mission if you choose to accept it: Do one balance exercise every day.
Balance is an important (but often forgotten) part of functional fitness. It requires coordination, strength, stability, mobility, AND flexibility ... And you need it for pretty much everything in your life, like walking, changing directions, taking the stairs, stepping over obstacles, and the list goes on. 
As you get older, it can get harder to maintain your balance. This means it’s even MORE important to keep practicing it.
That’s why this week your challenge is to do ONE balance exercise every day.

● Monday: 10-15 Calf raises
● Tuesday: 10-12 Bird dogs each side
● Wednesday: 8-10 Single leg squats each side
● Thursday: 30 second Tree Pose each side
● Friday: 10 Single leg Romanian deadlifts each side
Are you joining us? Let me know in the comments 👇