ATCK Fitness Kickboxing

ATCK Fitness in Hanover offered clients a vibrant & supportive community … what now?

ATCK provided its members with a place to train for several years while building a community of support and teamwork. It’s unfortunate and concerning that current market conditions could not sustain a small community business that was in the business of helping its members find a place where they were comfortable and inspired.

In the spirit of health and fitness, Be Fit South Shore Boot Camp & Training and our fit family would like to help the ATCK Fitness family by providing a gym home during their transition period.

All current ATCK Fitness members are welcome to enjoy a complimentary 30-day Fitness Membership at Be Fit South Shore as a token of our support while they look for a new place to continue their fitness journey. There are no strings attached. Fill out the form below, and we will get you started.

Our hearts go out to the staff and members of ATCK. We understand what you’re going through. Many of our current members have gone through similar transitions before coming to us. They found a new home that gets people inspired and focused and gets great results!

We look forward to meeting you!

To register for your complimentary pass, please go to